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49ers roster rankings 21-30: Onto the key contributors

We’re getting into the meat of the roster

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Now we are getting into the meat of the San Francisco 49ers roster. No bubble watches here. These are the players that will contribute in some form during 2019. Here are the roster rankings for players 21-30.

30. Jalen Hurd, WR(High: 23, Low: 51, KP: 23)

Hurd isn’t going to score two touchdowns a game, but he was never as “raw” as his scouting reports said. He got off to a slow start during training camp. You could tell he didn’t know what he was doing. The more comfortable and confident he’s gotten with his responsibilities, the more plays he’s made.

29. Adrian Colbert, S(High: 15, Low: 34, KP: 25)

Colbert is a player that I struggle with. I love his athleticism and effort. He closes in a hurry and has flashed the ability to hit. I feel like he would be better suited to play closer to the line of scrimmage, despite his speed. He’s not consistent with what he sees when he’s playing in the deep middle of the defense. That said, he should be on the roster.

28. Marquise Goodwin, WR(High: 10, Low: 28, KP: 28)

The chemistry that Goodwin had with Jimmy Garoppolo to end 2017 feels like ages ago. The offense doesn’t need Goodwin to have 100-yard games to be successful, but they will need more production than two catches for 20-some odd yards. Finding the right role for Goodwin in 2019 will be critical. I like the idea of using him on intermediate routes, as opposed to using him on deep routes only.

27. Solomon Thomas, DL(High: 13, Low: 49, KP: 49)

As an edge rusher, Thomas hasn’t gotten the job done. He is making the most of his new role, as a nickel pass rusher inside. Guards have a difficult time keeping up with his athleticism. Forty-nine is admittedly low, but I’m just going off what these players have put on the field. It’s now or never for Thomas in 2019.

26. Nick Mullens, QB(High: 26, Low: 50, KP: 32)

This is a good spot for Mullens. I’m curious if the 49ers have or will receive any offers for him this preseason. If it’s not a third-rounder, I’m hanging up the phone. Mullens is the perfect prospect that you can develop and turn into a trade piece down the line. Is he one of the 32 best quarterbacks in the NFL? He has an argument.

25. DJ Reed, CB(High: 18, Low: 53, KP: 24)

Reed is going to play a lot this season. Once the dust settles, and the Niners have their defensive rotation figured out, my guess is Reed is the nickel cornerback by the middle of the season. The theme of this offseason has been to play guys that can turn the ball over and play with high energy. That is Reed’s game to a tee.

24. Laken Tomlinson, G(High: 16, Low: 34, KP: 29)

Tomlinson played over 1,000 snaps in back-to-back seasons for the Niners. There is undeniable value knowing that you can count on your left guard being able to play on a weekly basis. Tomlinson is better than given credit for. He isn’t going to wow you as a run blocker. Tomlinson has plenty of room to grow in that regard. As a pass blocker, he gets the job done. From what I’ve seen, he’s pretty dang good. He only gave up four sacks, and three QB hits in 2018.

23. Robbie Gould, K(High: 10, Low: 48, KP: 16)

48?!?!? Gould is one of the best kickers of all-time. Not in the NFL right now, of all-time. Between all of them. Yes.

22. Jimmie Ward, S(High: 22, Low: 49, KP: 26)

I thought the range would be even greater than it was for Ward among the staff. Robert Saleh said Tarvarius Moore is going to make the decision difficult at free safety. Let’s say Moore beats Ward out, what role does that leave for Jimmie? That’s a possible storyline that could play out this season.

21. K’Waun Williams, CB(High: 16, Low: 33, KP: 33)

Williams is a competent cornerback. If San Francisco is going to be a top ten defense, competent will not be enough. Williams is tough and has experience. He doesn’t make major mistakes, and he is a solid tackler. The lack of playmaking and injuries have kept the door open.

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