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What would you consider a successful outing for the 49ers’ offense tonight?

Against a Vic Fangio defense

DENVER BRONCOS Photo by Joe Amon/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

If the game is going to go as the joint practices reportedly did, the San Francisco 49ers should have no problem against the Denver Broncos on Monday night. Assuming Kyle Shanahan doesn’t sit 28 players like he did last week, there shouldn’t be as much sloppy play that features a penalty flag every other play.

I expect the defensive line to live in the Broncos backfield, despite being down their two top edge rushers. Denver’s offensive line isn’t good. We’ll likely see a starting defensive line of Solomon Thomas-Sheldon Day-DeForest Buckner-Arik Armstead. This would be a terrific opportunity for Solly to get some work inside, but he reportedly won plenty at defensive end during the two practices.

That brings us to the offense.

Denver has plenty of talent and speed on defense, plus that Vic Fangio guy is in charge. So we know they’ll be well-coached. Realistically, what would you like to see out of Jimmy Garoppolo and company tonight? Let’s say he gets three drives. If two of those result in points, that’s a success. I’d love to see the offense convert a couple of tough third-down conversions. Execution in the red zone will be critical for success this year. Of course, you’d like to see the 49ers score a touchdown each time. What I’m more interested in is who is getting touches on the first-team. That’s an area where George Kittle can make a name for himself this year. It’s also where both rookie wide receivers excel as well.

Earlier today, we talked about how Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida will have their chance to play. I want to see each have at least a ten-yard gain, as well as make some Denver defenders miss in space.

Against a good defense, what would be a satisfying night for the offense?