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Doug Pederson’s answer to bringing in Colin Kaepernick is about what you’d expect

They’ll get a guy who was convicted of running a dogfighting ring and a guy who was already retired. Not Kaepernick.

With the NFL preseason in full swing, quarterbacks are going to get injured and then someone off the street will be brought in. Teams will need quarterbacks. Good thing Colin Kaepernick still wants to play quarterback.

The Philadelphia Eagles needed a backup quarterback. Except they didn’t find the one who wanted to play, they found the one who had announced they were done playing in Josh McCown.

The Eagles signed McCown, pulling him out of his ESPN broadcasting duties and replacing the suit with a uniform. Remember, this is the same organization that signed Michael Vick when he got out of prison from running a dogfighting ring. Different coaching staff, the same ownership.

Naturally, with the signing of McCown, a Kaepernick question had to come up in Pederson’s press conference. This was Pederson’s response on if the Eagles ever considered the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback:

“We consider everybody, honestly. We consider everybody and do what’s best for the Eagles.”

Regardless of what you read from that response, Colin Kaepernick still isn’t in the NFL. When his lawsuit concluded in February, his attorney predicted one of three NFL teams would pick him up for the 2019 season. That hasn’t happened with any of those teams. In fact, it’s been more of the same in the entire NFL.

The Baltimore Ravens needed a backup quarterback and would have been the perfect spot for Kaepernick. They have Greg Roman as an offensive coordinator who held the same title during the Jim Harbaugh era of the 49ers, and who Kaepernick had some of his best years under. Nothing in the rumor mill suggested they were even thinking of Kaepernick when they signed Joe Callahan instead.

The Eagles are going after a quarterback who retired and prepared to have a broadcast job instead of going after a guy who wants back into the league.

Consider everybody, indeed.