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It was not a good night for Jimmy Garoppolo

Welcome back, Jimmy G

The San Francisco 49ers are currently in the midst of their preseason game against the Denver Broncos, but the two big questions for those who haven’t been able to watch Jimmy Garoppolo play and how did he do?

The answers are yes and not good.

Garoppolo played three series in the first quarter. The third series seemed to be a mercy series of sorts after his atrocious first two. Garoppolo finished 1-6 and an interception. His lone pass completion came to running back Matt Breida, and it was for negative yardage.

The interception came on an awful throw when the pressure got into Garoppolo’s face. He threw it in the direction of Marquise Goodwin, and it was picked off. To be fair, as bad as a throw as it was, Goodwin didn’t put much effort into playing the ball, but the throw was poor nevertheless.

Before everyone gets up in arms, remember that this is Garoppolo’s first gameday action in 11 months after his knee injury. It’s also the second week of the preseason. Those two factors have to have a play in his performance. Also, Garoppolo has been getting quite a bit of pressure, which can be a result of him missing his interior offensive line. Joe Staley also hasn’t been playing well, which has made the pocket even worse for a quarterback.

These numbers are a bit concerning, but everyone needs to breathe. If he does this in the regular season, then we can start worrying.