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49ers roster rankings 61-70: Good isn’t good enough

Our 49ers roster rankings continue with the next ten players fighting for a roster spot

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

We are back with the next edition of our San Francisco 49ers 90-man roster rankings. In the previous rankings, one of the players was cut. Surely, that won’t happen again. Let’s get to the next ten on the list.

70. Ross Reynolds, OG (High: 59, Low: 84, KP: 82)

Reynolds is the trendy UDFA to make the Niners 53-man roster. Iowa has an excellent reputation for sending offensive linemen into the league that are “pro-ready.” Reynolds may not have the upside or flash as some higher draft picks, but he plenty competent. The Rams center Austin Blythe is a great example, who also played for Iowa. Seventh-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft that played 1100 snaps for the team last season. That’s the dream scenario for the 49ers.

69. Dontae Johnson, S (High: 24, Low: 90, KP: 88)

24 is, wow. Johnson has familiarity, but when a team cuts you, they probably don’t have much faith in your abilities. The Niners bringing Johnson back tells me they’d rather get a guy on the roster that knows what he’s doing in Robert Saleh’s defense. Even though I’d prefer giving Alex Brown a shot, albeit at a different position. Johnson was one of the players to mix it up with Jalen Hurd yesterday:

68. David Mayo, LB (High: 40, Low: 88, KP: 58)

The injuries and lack of depth at linebacker propped Mayo up the list. The majority had him in the ‘60s. Mayo played 424 snaps for the Carolina Panthers in 2018. Just under 150 of those snaps came on defense. Health and Special Teams experience could sneak Mayo onto the roster if he proves to be a sure-tackler.

67. Levine Toilolo, TE(High: 33, Low: 67, KP: 54)

Toilolo has a shot because he can provide much-needed help in the red area, specifically, near the goal line. Toilolo will need to show more value than a Kaden Smith, Tyree Mayfield, and now Niles Paul, who also has the Kyle Shanahan connection.

66. Erik Magnuson, C (High: 22, Low: 67, KP: 56)

Magnuson was waived by the Niners last Thursday. Of all the names on the roster, this was the most difficult last name for me to spell.

65. Jeff Wilson, RB (High: 56, Low: 65, KP: 59)

Most of us were on the same page as Wilson, as there wasn’t much variance. Wilson will be remembered for his fumbles, and he’s fighting an uphill battle here. Only playing 24 snaps on Special Teams won’t help. Wilson will likely have to be a big-play threat during the preseason to hold onto a spot. Wilson offers some power, but you have to hold onto the ball.

64. Tyree Mayfield, TE (High:59 Low: 83, KP: 60)

Mayfield will be a guy to keep an eye on during training camp. During OTAs, Mayfield rotated in at tight end but also subbed in for Kyle Jusczcyk at fullback. That versatility may keep him around longer, but Mayfield will have to make plays. He’s a big, fast athlete. Will he be the preseason superstar we all root for?

63. Emmanuel Moseley, CB (High: 41, Low: 82, KP: 71)

Moseley hasn’t officially played a snap for the 49ers, but he’s intriguing. He was always physical in college, and he was opportunistic last year. There are a lot of bodies at cornerback, so Moseley will have to bring something to the table that some of the other players fighting for a spot doesn’t.

62. Ross Dwelley, TE (High: 56, Low: 75, KP: 64)

Dwelley is what I would describe as “fine.” A high-effort blocker that doesn’t drop passes. Fine doesn’t get you to the playoffs, though. Dwelley’s limited ceiling in this offense could find himself on the outside looking in come September. He will have to take full advantage of his opportunities during the preseason. Perhaps showing ability after the catch?

61. Shawn Poindexter, WR (High: 61, Low: 89, KP: 73)

Poindexter was known for making the highlight catch in college at Arizona. His ability to make contested catches and score touchdowns lead me to believe he will be the guy we all hope makes the roster. The problem, like with many of the 49ers skill positions, is there are too many players in front of him that are either proven or have a higher upside.

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