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Mitch Wishnowsky lays the wood


Two very different, but awesome things were displayed on Monday night. First was the San Francisco 49ers defense. Without players like Kwon Alexander and Nick Bosa, the defense was still able to apply pressure and stuff the run game the Broncos tried.

So besides the defense, what else was awesome? The punter. Mitch Wishnowsky once again showed why he’s the man and why Punterville has erected a statue in his honor. Wishnowsky had some boots, including his third punt which was muffed. It was a 45-yard boot that Denver return man Nick Williams crisco-gripped. Sure Denver recovered the ball, but the message has been sent: handling these is hard.

We aren’t going to talk about that. Oh no, we’re talking about the hit of the night. See, Wishnowsky decided to play nice and kick into the endzone; resulting in an easy touchback. It’s a straightforward system: he kicks, the Broncos take a knee.

Well, someone didn’t take a knee, and Wishnowsky showed them what happens when he makes things easy and they want to challenge him. Roll it:

Now the 49ers got flagged anyways, and the ball got moved up, but I think Wishnowsky just sent Devontae Jackson back to the third grade with that hit.

The only thing better than videos of the punts—and those are the greatest thing—is videos of the punter laying recipients of his kicks out in the open field.

Does anyone else want to question why the 49ers took this dude in the fourth round?

KP’s note

Madden updated their tackle ratings: