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Jimmy Garoppolo is back! Play the video!

This seems adequate

I don’t have much to say about Jimmy Garoppolo returning beyond, “There he is!” That display on Monday night was a bit concerning.

Concerning, yes. Just remember he hasn’t seen gameday action in 11 months. Also remember it’s the second week of the preseason. And ALSO remember Bradley Chubb had his way with Joe Staley, not to mention the interior O-line being devoid of starters. Garoppolo had more pressure than Ray Finkle at the Super Bowl.

Then there’s that interception, which I do put a bit of blame on Marquise Goodwin. It seemed like he didn’t do much to make a play on the ball.

Whatever, that’s all water under the bridge. What’s important is Jimmy Garoppolo is back on the field. Rusty, but back on the field, which means this video is more than adequate to tell the world HE’S BACK!

I’ll never get tired of watching this thing. If it’s blocked go here.