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J.T. O’Sullivan breaks down Jimmy Garoppolo

This actually makes some sense. No really.

I’ll get right to it: J.T. O’Sullivan. You remember him, right? OK, probably not. O’Sullivan was a journeyman quarterback who found his way to the San Francisco 49ers in 2008 due to the latter hiring Mike Martz as an offensive coordinator. He was later named the starter, and his first game gave him 300 passing yards. That was pretty much it for anything good to say because he was eventually benched after that.

This, of course, involves coaching transitions from Mike Nolan to Mike Singletary among other things, but we won’t get to that. What’s important is O’Sullivan has a Patreon set up for his new YouTube Channel, “The QB School.” And wouldn’t you know it? His latest episode has him breaking down Jimmy Garoppolo.

I know that O’Sullivan brings shudders, cringes, and groans, but his breakdown of Garoppolo is very articulate and well thought out. O’Sullivan doesn’t necessarily blame Garoppolo as he blames bad protection from the offensive line and bad scheming (READ: preseason).

I’ve been trying to find the words on Garoppolo’s play Monday night, and I think this sums up everything I was looking for. I’ve said before he’s gone 11 months without playing football, and this is preseason, but it also is a slight concern on the play we saw. At the same time, a lot of Garoppolo’s play was a group effort in atrociousness and can’t be placed squarely on his shoulders.

So give this video a watch, even if you’re not an O’Sullivan fan, it’s a good breakdown.

And yes, the DMCA biscuits might have this thing blocked. Go here if you can’t see it here on the site.