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Kyle Brandt’s rap about the 49ers is both scary and awesome

There are no words.

If you were not doing much in the way of productivity for Friday you may have come across a little gem from Good Morning Football’s Kyle Brandt where he lays some fat phat beats on the San Francisco 49ers and their upcoming 2019 season.

This is both amazing and awful at the same time. Amazing because Brandt’s tongue has some serious flow and good rhythm, awful because who knew Kyle Brandt, a former producer from the Jim Rome Show and star of those cheesy early-afternoon soap operas, could flow like this?

I mean, we waited until now to hear Brandt’s tongue whip out some lyrics?

There’s not much justice I can do to this post that already hasn’t been talked about on Twitter so I’m just going to leave this above video here and skillfully schedule it to later today when the 49ers are about to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

All I can say is, Kyle Brandt won Friday afternoon.

There, I went through an entire post talking about Kyle Brandt rapping without bringing back my glory days as M.C. El Pato (yes, that was a real name, yes, I was in a real rap group).