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Jimmy Garoppolo: 14 of 20, 70 percent completion

Rumors of Jimmy Garoppolo’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated. The 49ers are into the third quarter of their preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Garoppolo is done and we have some numbers.

14 for 20 passing (70 percent completion rate), 188 yards, one touchdown, 116.2 QB rating.

A demise greatly exaggerated indeed. There is also the saying that stats lie, tape doesn’t. Well, we have tape of some dimes:

Oh yeah, there was a touchdown too. Who wants to see that again? I do:

Garoppolo is done for the evening and Nick Mullens is in at quarterback for the 49ers. This is just preseason, and just one half, but for everyone who thought Garoppolo was channeling his inner Brock Osweiler, you can drop those takes right now.

It’s still a long season, and the 49ers have a lot of work to do. While tight end Ross Dwelley dropped some easy passes, Garoppolo could have made the throws much more accurate in the first place. Also, Garopollo opened the game up a bit similar to the first quarter.

Regardless, comparing the Jimmy G of tonight with the Jimmy G of Monday is like apples to oranges. Rest easy 49ers fans, he’s still got it.