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Mitch Wishnowsky is just showing off at this point


Mayor of Punterville here. Who wants to see a 62-yard boot from the San Francisco 49ers’ end of the field to the Kansas City Chiefs’ 3-yard line?

That’s the spirit, and I like the show of hands from loyal citizens of Punterville. Mitch Wishnowsky doesn’t lay any wood in this below clip, but he shows just how he is a god among mere punters. This is him getting the 49ers out of trouble and putting the Chiefs into trouble.

This is a 62-yard boot. Roll it!

Good God. Can Bradley Pinion do that? Hell, could Andy Lee do that?

Well, Lee, maybe. His punts were hard to hold onto also, but Pinion no. From their 35-yard line, the 49ers pinned the Chiefs on their 3-yard line. That’s just stupid. I don’t care who you are.

I’ve beaten this to death, but I want to bring this up one more time. That leg + the 49ers defensive line when healthy = mass chaos. If Wishnowsky can pin teams there or get the 49ers out of trouble when an offensive drive stalls (say, punting out of the endzone) we don’t have to worry about giving the opposition good field position.

Punterville is still accepting applications for citizens. We have an art gallery, a park, and soon we’ll get our own Whole Foods. Come join the revolution in punters.