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Brian Baldinger breaks down Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Chiefs

Baldy breakdown! Baldy Breakdown!

You know when Brian Baldinger talks about the San Francisco 49ers, odds are good that we’ll be talking about it here. When he’s talking about Jimmy Garoppolo, you can bet the farm we’ll be talking about it.

The last Jimmy Garoppolo breakdown I remember from Baldinger was when he gushed praise on the 49ers quarterback following the Houston Texans preseason game from last year. Things aren’t near as one-sided this time. Baldinger breaks down Jimmy G, but he also is quick to note that Garoppolo has some rust on him to still work off.

The good is that dime to Richie James and a nice throw to Deebo Samuel (who Baldinger says will be a star in the league), the bad is that duck to Dante Pettis and the batted pass. So this isn’t going to be a pro-Jimmy G breakdown.

When you look at Garoppolo’s performance against the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs, it sort of cancels itself out. While I did say Jimmy G was back, it’s also preseason, and Garoppolo still has some rust to work off. The good part was we saw the potential return so we know he still can get there if he can get this common rust hammered off.

Anyways, here’s another Baldy Breakdown. We love these things, so here you go.