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Where will you be watching 49ers games for 2019?

Here’s a thread to drop bar spots across the league

The 2019 football season is upon us and that means we’ll need to figure out where you’re going to watch the San Francisco 49ers. Most of our readers are not in the Bay Area where the games are broadcast on the local networks and that’s where Sunday Ticket comes in. To get Sunday Ticket you have to pay over $300 for the package which gets you all of the games not broadcast in your region. Why the NFL doesn’t charge a third of that for a single team and throws NFL Redzone into a single package, I’ll never know, and that might be why the NFL is in spats with DirecTV.

Most of you would like to find a place that broadcasts the game. Sports bars are common, but a sports bar that specialises in just the 49ers and no one else requires a bit of work.

Here in Seattle, thanks to Alex Carson, we have a few venues set up where we won’t be harassed by Seahawk fans. Check Seattle Niners Faithful on Facebook if you are looking to join the club and get invites to the six spots this year.

For the rest of you, use this as an open thread to drop your area and maybe there’s someone here who can direct you to where a good 49ers bar is.

As for me? I bought Sunday Ticket. No one should be forced to watch football with me. No one. I’m not joking.