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Mitch Wishnowsky’s hangtime is loooong


You know your weekend can’t start right without some sweet Mitch Wishnowsky news, and as the mayor of Punterville, USA, I’ve got some numbers that begin things the right way.

First from Jennifer Lee Chan:

At least. AT LEAST 4.5 seconds of hangtime for a Wishnowsky punt. That’s .075 minutes. You know what you can do with .075 minutes?

You can put a stamp on an envelope, fill up a cup of coffee, take a slice and a bite of that pizza, or a sip of water. You could even click over to Niners Nation via your bookmarks bar and check out your favorite writer for new articles.

...I meant your other favorite Niners Nation writer.

OK you know what? Let’s just get back to the punter. That is how long it takes Wishnowsky to punt a football. And it’s awesome.

So that’s it? We already talked about his hangtime with 5.26 seconds. So why 4.5? Well consistency for one thing. For another it was at least 4.5 seconds.

But don’t worry about those five-second hangtimes. I got something right here for you:

Is it 5.26 seconds? No. But it’s also in pads. Our last report from Thursday’s web of awesomeness helps you put all this into perspective:

There you have it. Somewhere in the 4.5ish like Chan said, some going past five seconds. But returners having a hard time handling those buckets he’s sending from the sky.

So timing and catch difficulty. All put into one nice, sweet, punter package. With the rate Wishnowsky is going, those punts are going to be easy bathroom breaks at the start of the season and an opportunity to pick up a burger/pizza towards the end of it.

Can we get to week one of the preseason? The mayor of Punterville wants to see this guy.