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49ers Ask Faithful to Vote on Levi’s Stadium Fan Chant

49ers are asking the FAITHFUL to help vote on a new tradition inspired by the FAITHFUL.

Back in June, I received an e-mail from Robert Alberino, 49ers Vice President and Executive Producer. In this email it stated:

“The goal is simple: Have these Faithful decide what the 49ers franchise should and could be doing in stadium to launch new traditions to unite the crowd and create a greater home-field advantage.”

Rob was asking me to come to his office and have a sit down with him along with Nick Clarke, manager of Fan Engagement, and Chief Marketing Officer Alex Chang. Basically, if Rob Alberino is asking for your help with something, he genuinely believes in you. I immediately canceled all my plans and busted out my daughter’s Crayola and jotted it down.

The meeting consisted of a conference call with other selected Faithful who I can personally attest that would be buried in a 49ers suit or dress. They are the embodiment of Faithful. Let’s just say that even though this mission was laid out and presented to us, the first thing we all agreed upon was that winning changes everything. However with large dreams and goals, often stems small beginnings. A collective of like-minded individuals who have a specific vision, those who have been painting their picture for quite some time. Winning, not only is it our goal to see this happen, preferably over and over again, but it’s also the goal for the team and organization, after this meeting, I can confirm we all are on the same page in retrospect.

Robert Alberino, is a cool cat and he has worked his way up the ranks of the NFL. In his time with the 49ers, you couldn’t show me a person who has devoted himself to the fans and franchise selflessly and unconditionally as he has. You want a Rob Alberino in your organization. This is the man who when he calls, you answer. Rob has been with the 49ers for seven years. On top of that, Rob has been in the National Football League for 25 years. I don’t even know where to begin to list the things he has done within the organization of the shield itself, or for that matter the things he has done and continues to do within the 49ers, but the front office made a solid hire here, and they obviously stand by it as Robert Alberino was promoted to vice president and executive producer for the San Francisco 49ers. I can tell that our VP has a heart of gold. I know that’s so cliche to say, but this guy is that guy. I have so much respect for Rob; it’s hard for me not to call him Mr. Alberino. He’s asked me to call him Rob, and out of sheer respect, it’s hard for me to do it.

Nick Clarke, I can tell you right away he was a longtime Faithful way before he joined the 49ers. He himself has devoted his time and passion into creating more ways to reach out to everyone in the fan base so that every Faithful can feel like this is their team. He too, notable by his peers and colleagues, the fans, not only because of every ounce of gold he puts in within the work he does, but also because he is a Faithful.

I could go on and on about these two in which I had a very productive sit down meeting with, but all in all, I was enamored by their devotion to this campaign, not only because it is the team they work for, but because they themselves are part of the Faithful. They know what we’ve been through. They want to get out of the mud just as much as you and I.

Robert Alberino, on the drive behind the Faithful chant campaign,

“When we started the thought process of crowd-sourcing new traditions we immediately began with the fans. Knowing that these types of actions, chants and more have to be organic and authentic, we went to the source. That source was the Faithful. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Chang, and the entire marketing department rallied around the idea of allowing the fans to not only inspire these new traditions but also have the final say on the work that was submitted. That all culminated in a vote that is taking place right now on and the team’s official Twitter account.”

Let me point out that the meeting not only consisted of brainstorming a new chant. Rob reiterated that he and the 49ers know Levi’s Stadium needs to get loud. They know we want to stand up and get loud on defense like we did at The Stick. They know this all starts with winning. They hear our concerns, and they want to make Levi’s Stadium home. Your home. I can promise you that after leaving this meeting, Robert Alberino, Nick Clarke, and Alex Chang care.

Robert Alberino also showed me around the facility also that day. To back up everything that is hoping to be accomplished here, I truly believe he is the right person to spearhead this campaign and just the right person to help oversee the future of this team. As he showed me around Levi’s, 49ers Studios, and the practice field, I could hear the passion and devotion in his voice to this team. The way he spoke about every nuance and detail about the surroundings and inner workings of the team, it was like an artist at work. A cool part of this meeting was how Rob explained as he showed me 49ers Studios, that the space where 49ers Studios sits now, was originally a racquetball court (great acoustics) that he rebuilt from the ground up to to provide a production space for the top-shelf content we’ve come to know from the 49ers Studios crew. From the ground up. Practically his bare hands. If that doesn’t convince you he genuinely cares about this team and the direction it goes, I can give you many more reasons why this is the man.

Tradition is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation or the fact of being passed on in this way. In the sports world, for fandom, this translates to a belief—to sit through trials and tribulations, loss, and defeat. The bottom line here is that no matter how we choose to show our fandom, we can all agree that we believe in one goal, and one goal only, going through all that torturous glory to one day exchange it for the most triumphant in celebrating our beloved team winning said championship, but to do that, we need to win games. We can’t chant without filled seats, and to fill those seats, we MUST win games.

However, if the team wants to put every resource at its disposal to help create a home-field environment, I am all for it, inject it into my very veins. Take a moment, watch the embedded video, and vote. The 49ers our asking for OUR help. Throw a small stone in a lake, and it will produce a large ripple.

I do want to take a moment and make it perfectly clear that I am not getting paid by the organization to write this. I’m very small beans to the front office and organization compared to all those larger media outlets. I’m writing this more so from the perspective as a loyal to my soil, Bay Area native of 36 years, that bleeds that red and gold pretty much 365 days a year. My wife will attest to that in a most annoyed manner because color schemes but, shrug life.

If you are Faithful, you’ve seen some shit. Let’s just put that out there, clear as day. Pardon my French there, but that was probably the nicest way to put it. I don’t know about you, but if the team is trying to find ways to improve in any way, shape, or form, inject it into my veins right now.

I myself have cast my vote for ‘ALL GAS, NO BRAKE.’ as it seems the most logical to hear erupt while we are on defense in a pivotal moment. You have about a week left to vote Faithful, what do you think? Chime in after the jump and don’t forget to cast your vote. I believe you can do so in the embedded tweet above, and as Rob stated, on