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Make your last-minute bold roster predictions now

The San Francisco 49ers have until 1:00 PM PT today to make their 53-man roster. Anyone got something bold?

Today at 1:00 PM PST the San Francisco 49ers will have their 53-man roster. This is in no way the “final” roster as they will bring players in and out and play musical chairs for much of the next few days.

The important thing is 28 more people on top of the nine already (or more depending on who gets cut as this goes to post) will lose their jobs. Across the league 1,184 players will lose their jobs and their dreams could be shattered as well.

But that doesn’t mean some craziness won’t happen and that’s why we’re here. If you have some bold roster predictions, it’s the last time to make them for 2019 before things start to get solidified. What do you see happening?

I’m going to make a prediction: C.J. Beathard or Nick Mullens will be traded before the weekend is over with. This weekend includes Monday (three day weekend—so by Tuesday). There is need for backup quarterbacks in the league (the Indianapolis Colts being the most obvious), and I don’t see how the 49ers keep them both when they have other picks that will need a roster spot. That said, I won’t be surprised to see three quarterbacks on the roster, but I think they are looking to ship one of them out.

That’s my prediction, what are yours? What craziness do you see happening today? I wish you luck and may the odds forever be in your favor.