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Jed York isn’t a fan of Jimmy Garoppolo’s touchdown-catch trick play

It’s all fun and games until the owner is worried Jimmy G could get hurt.

On Friday, the San Francisco 49ers ran a trick play resulting in a touchdown pass to Jimmy Garoppolo and cheers from the spectators watching. Well, one person wasn’t so pleased: 49ers owner and CEO Jed York.

The NFL Network crew made their visit to 49ers training camp on Saturday and sat down with Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan was quick to bring up York’s reaction.

“That was the only play after practice where Jed, our owner, said to me, ‘I really like that play that you had Jimmy cut back into the defense and get hit,” Shanahan said.

The play itself was said to be a hybrid of sorts to the Philly Special. The play used by the Philadelphia Eagles in their Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots.

Several attendees told me there was no way Garoppolo would have made it into the endzone had this play been in a live game. In fact, one person told me, “Garoppolo would’ve been destroyed if it were a game.”

Not exactly the best outcome.

“Probably taking that one out,” Shanahan continued. “I speak sarcasm well so I understood what he was saying. You probably won’t see that one again.”

Those who got to see such a wicked play were lucky. It looks like the 49ers won’t be rerunning the Philly Special any time soon. We can always guess at what it was. For those of us who were not there, we can always speculate at the majesty of such a play. Well, without Jimmy G getting drilled.

Unfortunately, like the wildcat and so many others, the Special has been figured out. At least when the 49ers offense runs it against the defense. It sounds like the 49ers owner doesn’t want to see another season with Garoppolo injured by Week 4.