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D.J. Jones and Deebo Samuel meet with the media after training camp practice

San Francisco 49ers Rookie Camp Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers took the practice field Sunday for training camp, and after practice Kyle Shanahan, D.J. Jones, and Deebo Samuel all spoke to the media afterward. Shanahan joked about Jed York giving him a hard time for calling the “Philly Special” in practice and made it clear that he will not be throwing the ball to Jimmy Garoppolo any time soon.

Since there’s no practice on Monday, I gave Rob the day off, and we’ll have his recap and stock reports up Monday morning. Jones has consistently made splash plays inside at defensive tackle. He’s strong, but he’s quick. That has caught the interior offensive line off guard during team periods. Below, you’ll hear Jones talk about what he’s learned from Deforest Buckner, the authenticity of Fred Warner, his dads’ BBQ skills, and more.


I was talking to Rob about who would come off the field for Deebo. As it stands, Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin, and Trent Taylor are considered the “starters.” Shanahan said he doesn’t want to commit to who starts yet, but those are the receivers that are in predominantly with Garoppolo.

Taylor will get open routinely but will have those one or two plays where if Jimmy G misses him by a couple of inches, Taylor is unable to get to the pass. That happened during Sunday’s practice a time or two. That would be my answer, but I’m not 100% confident in it.

I asked Samuel what the biggest learning curve for him was, whether that was route depth or something that the casual fan wouldn’t know. Samuel mentioned the terminology of the playbook being the biggest challenge. When he’s on the field, you wouldn’t have any idea. Samuel has no issue getting open. If Taylor is the receiver that is masterful at creating separation over under seven yards over the middle of the field, Samuel owns that next 7-15 yard window. That’s where it seems like he’s going to make his hay this season.

Here is Samuel:

Play of the day:

The play of the day was the last play of practice. It was a run play to the left, and Nick Bosa forklifts George Kittlewho I wouldn’t say is the worst blocker in the NFL—and then forced a fumble on Tevin Coleman. The ball was scooped up by Emmanuel Moseley for a touchdown. It was definitely a “wow” play.