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49ers roster rankings 51-60 : Will Jordan Matthews make the team?

Two rookies appear on the list as well

NFL: JUL 30 49ers Training Camp Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This will be the final San Francisco 49ers roster rankings we have that will feature names on the bubble. I think, anyways. The good news is nobody you will see today has been cut, though there are a couple of 2019 draft picks that will need to step it up once the preseason games get started if they want to stick around. Here are the next set of ten players:

60: Joshua Garnett, G(High: 36, Low: 70, KP: 41)

Garnett is doing himself zero favors by missing practice. To be fair to him, there isn’t much he can do with a dislocated finger. The worst thing for Garnett is “out of sight, out of mind,” and another player on the roster making Garnett expendable.

59: Najee Toran, G(High: 86, Low: 59, KP: 61)

Toran is the guy taking reps from Garnett in practice with him sidelined. The undrafted free agent in 2018 out of UCLA will need to fend off Ross Reynolds and Ben Garland to make the roster, but he’s done enough to catch Shanahan’s eye so far.

58: C.J. Beathard, QB(High: 43, Low: 62, KP: 62)

I’m just ranking what most of you are thinking. Be honest with yourself and ask are the 49ers a better team with Beathard on the roster? I struggled to rank C.J. higher as I couldn’t find out his value, outside of QB. He’s still young, but that Mullens is, too.

57: Greg Mabin, CB(High: 55, Low: 82, KP: 67)

You know when you watch a player, and you can’t a certain play out of your head? With Mabin, it’s the same for me. I’ve seen a running back run over him twice on two separate occasions this summer. Right now, Mabin backs up Richard Sherman. He’s No. 4 on the outside cornerback depth chart. It will be difficult for him to make the roster for Mabin, save injury.

56: Justin Skule, OT(High: 38, Low: 66, KP: 66)

I guess I’m just the bearer of bad news today. Skule is likely propped up by his positional value and being a draft pick, but he struggled in college, and that hasn’t been any different during OTAs and training camp. If there were more athleticism/functional strength, the team could attempt to stash Skule on the practice squad, but he’ll need to show a lot of improvement during the preseason.

55: Tim Harris, CB(High: 35, Low: 85, KP: 46)

Harris is another draft pick that has his work cut out if he’s going to be playing with the 49ers come September. Not only is he playing a position that already features stiff competition, but the learning curve of the NFL also puts him behind the eight ball even more. It’ll be interesting to see if being a draft pick gives Harris the benefit of the doubt over another cornerback fighting for a spot.

54: Kyle Nelson, LS,(High: 51, Low: 75, KP: 57)

A long-snapper. Outside of the 75 ranking, Nelson was in the ‘50s.

53: Dre Greenlaw, LB(High: 25, Low: 58, KP: 31)

Greenlaw has a chance to be the best coverage linebacker on the 49ers. That might sound like hyperbole, but he can help that much. We might see him in a couple of different sub-packages this season, and likely on all special teams. It’s not just his athleticism that stands out, but he’s active. That pass breakup came when he read Garoppolo’s eyes, and sunk underneath a route intended for Kittle. If you were watching practice and didn’t know who was who, you’d say Dre was a starter and wouldn’t think twice about it.

52: DJ Jones, DT(High: 31, Low: 68, KP: 52)

The 49ers’ sixth-round pick out of Ole Miss has more value than your typical “1-tech” in today’s NFL. Strong enough to hold up against the run, but quick enough to pressure the quarterback—which is precisely what Jones worked on during the offseason—getting after the quarterback.

51: Jordan Matthews, WR(High: 46, Low: 58, KP: 50)

I don’t know. I don’t know what Matthews has done to differentiate himself so far during training camp. The rotation at practice goes Pettis/Taylor/Goodwin, then Samuel/James/Hurd. The acceleration that made Matthews a coveted prospect once upon a time is no longer there. He can still make a tough catch, but after one week of training camp, Matthews is on the outside looking in.

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