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In case you forgot about that Kentavius Street 700 lb squat...

Robert Saleh said Street was the strongest in the weight room. He wasn’t joking, and we have the video to prove it.

You might have been a bit skeptical about Kentavius Street. After all the ACL drafts that don’t pan out, who knows how Street holds up. Turns out, he’s doing quite well. Robert Saleh went insofar to say in his press conference Thursday that Street is the strongest guy in the weight room:

“Kentavius, so OTAs showed a tremendous explosiveness during Phase 1, Phase 2. You’ve got bodies around him; you can expect a little hesitation because of the knee. These past two days, he’s really come into his own in terms of trusting his leg. I don’t know if you guys are aware, but he’s probably the strongest human in the weight room. These past two days that weight room strength is starting to transfer to the field, so for him, it’s continue building confidence, continue to get a little bit better every single day, and trust that your physical traits, your physical gifts, will take over.”

That wasn’t just talk. Street may be the strongest guy in the building. If you watched video of his drafting, you’d have seen this gem of him putting the Incredible Hulk to shame where he squats 700 lbs:

That just looks all sorts of painful. I went ahead and grabbed another video from NC State on Street doing another 700 lb lift. It’s not near as epic as the above tweet, but this is one strong kid.

With the beast-like way the 49ers defensive line has been with the starters, there’s no expectation for Street to come in and be an every-down defensive tackle, at the very least if things go well, he’ll be solid depth like what Ricky Jean Francois was for the 49ers defense under Vic Fangio.

If he can get past the mental hurdle with that knee, he’s going to be a monster.