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How hot is Robert Saleh’s seat going into Week 1 of the preseason?

It’s just an excuse to bring back the Heat-O-Meter

Many of you familiar with the program last year might remember the weekly assessments we made of San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. My patented Heat-O-Meter (no really, click the link) gauged your frustration towards what was a subpar defensive unit to many fans.

Well, it’s time for us to take a quick preseason look at Robert Saleh and the Heat-O-Meter.

So far, the 49ers defense has had a shot in the arm. They started training camp as the dominant side of the ball. As time went on, Jimmy Garoppolo said, “bullstuff” and the offense has started to narrow the gap, even if a little.

A lot of praise can be placed on Nick Bosa who has been holding his own against Joe Staley, one of the NFL’s better offensive tackles. Bosa has been getting sacks every day, and strip-sacks are not a rarity with this guy.

The secondary hasn’t had interceptions yet, but there have been a few high marks. Jason Verrett came in for an injured Ahkello Witherspoon and swatted a nice pass away that got the crowd pumped up a few days ago, and Richard Sherman has been made everyone forget about that ankle injury.

But let’s put all this together. Saleh now has the defense he needs (well, here’s hoping) and Fred Warner can hopefully relay calls without busted coverages happening. Does that mean Saleh’s seat is hot going into the season?

There was some dissatisfaction deeper into the season last year (link goes to 12/4 away game against the Seattle Seahawks), but with a full offseason, maybe fans are ready for a fresh start. Nevertheless, it’s time to look at Saleh’s perception of Niners Nation and bring back the Heat-O-Meter once more. How hot do you think that seat is starting this season?


How hot is Robert Saleh’s seat going into Week 1 of the preseason?

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  • 6%
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  • 19%
    Feeling hot, hot, hot!
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    Nice and warm
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    Just sat down
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  • 7%
    Icicles man, icicles are hanging from this thing
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