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We have a Mitch Wishnowsky punt clocked at 5.6 seconds

Told you he’d be getting better. Oh yeah, PUNTERZZZZ!!!!

Loyal citizens of Punterville, I have brought fabulous, fabulous news. Our sergeant-at-arms, Niners Nation’s own Alex Tran brought his trusty stopwatch to get us hard numbers on a Mitch Wishnowsky hangtime. A hangtime of 5.6 seconds.

Alex has also confirmed that Wishnowsky is totally fine with being called THE BEST PUNTER IN THE NFL (yes, in all caps). So if any of you wish to regard Wishnowsky as such, you have his permission to consider him THE BEST PUNTER IN THE NFL.

The numbers we had on Saturday indicated a best of 5.12. That’s almost a .5 second improvement. Now I don’t need to run down what you can do with this extra time his punts offer you. But I can tell you that his punts outlast songs. Recorded songs. Songs from bands that have sold records.

Yep, a Wishnowsky punt is now longer than the song “Punck” by the Suicide Machines (off their Battle Hymns album). At the rate he’s going, his punts are going to last longer than a few 90s FOX sitcoms. Oh yeah, his punts are also longer than the Suicide Machines track “Jah” which is off the same record.

The 49ers are done with practice by about the time this goes to post, so we’ll be sure to have more punter news. For now, just now he hit 5.6 seconds and cool with you calling him THE BEST PUNTER IN THE NFL.