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Richard Sherman gives his take on each of the 49ers wide receivers

He has high expectations for Dante Pettis, too

NFL: JUL 29 49ers Training Camp Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’re tired of us talking, or yourselves, giving our take on the San Francisco 49ers wide receivers I get it. How about if one of the players broke down what he thought? Not just any player, either. Some guy named Richard Sherman. He sees these guys every day in practice. Sherman knows the ins and outs of each one. After practice, Sherman joined KNBR and here’s what he had to say about each of the receivers.

On Dante Pettis:

“I think Pettis is going to be the biggest surprise for most people outside of this building. He’s going to take a huge step. He’s worked really hard. He’s really dynamic. Him being healthy will change the trajectory of this team tremendously.”

There has been some talk between some of the beat writers on Pettis as of late. He was demoted during Tuesday’s practice after having a pass snatched out of his hands by Greg Mabin, which isn’t something new for Pettis. There are just far too many positive traits that Pettis shows to be worried about him. As Sherm said, if he’s healthy, the offense will be tough to stop.

On Deebo Samuel:

“Deebo, if he gets the ball in his hands, he’s incredibly difficult to tackle. He’s like a running back with the ball; kind of like in a Golden Tate mold. That’s going to be exciting for a team to see.”

Love the Golden Tate comparison. Samuel is on record for saying that’s a player he models himself after, and can play anywhere, like Tate. Tate has long been one of the more under-appreciated wide receivers in the league.

On Jalen Hurd:

“Hurd, they’re using him as kind of an X factor. He can play the tight end, the F, the Z, the zebra. And they’re using him as an enforcer in that receiver room, and he’s doing well in that role.”

It’s almost as if Sherman knows what he’s talking about. Enforcer is an apt description for Hurd. He will be the tone-setter when it comes to blocking and physicality. He seems to be the screen receiver early on as well.

On Marquise Goodwin:

“Obviously, Marquise is going to take the top off a defense, and he’s gotten more consistent in his route running, and his releases, and just taking a real handle, a real hold over that receiver room.”

Seeing Goodwin effortlessly run by guys that ran a 4.4 will never get old. Like Rich said, he is a threat now on those routes coming back to the quarterback, like curls and comebacks. Goodwin is a quality wide receiver.

On Jordan Matthews:

Jordan Matthews coming in, a veteran presence. Consistent hands, always in the right place, making sure he’s executing properly. That’s what you can expect from him every time.”

Hmmm. Okay, let’s compare that to the next receiver.

On Trent Taylor:

Trent Taylor, man, is lightyears ahead of where he was last year. He’s back, growing from his rookie year when he had that incredible year. This year, his back isn’t hurting him. You can see his explosion, his dynamic, his suddenness. He’ll probably catch 80, 90 balls, I would assume. I’m excited to see it.”

Taylor has a burst this year that wasn’t there a year ago, and you can tell fairly quickly when you watch him. He’s a starter. I don’t think it’s a hot take to say he’ll lead the wide receivers in receptions this season.

Sherman also talked about his health, the 49ers’ linebackers, and how playing wide receiver has made him a better cornerback. Check it out below: