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49ers roster rankings 41-50: Two starters have no business being here

We continue with our next ten on the list as we start to get into some prominent names on the roster

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Now we’re starting to get into the meat and potatoes of the roster. That just means the rankings will now get more and more difficult. It’s incredible how much your opinion can change on a player in a month. There aren’t any draft picks on this list, but you will find some players that need to bounce back. Here are the next set of ten players:

50. Raheem Mostert, RB(High: 23, Low: 50, KP: 39)

Mostert’s value on Special Teams is undeniable, as you can see by that No. 23 ranking. I think the majority of us had a difficult time finding a spot higher than this for the teams’ fourth-string running back.

49. Weston Richburg, C(High: 11, Low: 49, KP: 11)

Oh, come on. Richburg was hurt last year. In no way is that the real player that he was. Maybe I’m not putting enough stock in the fact Richburg is coming off surgery and still attempting to get healthy from last season. I’m taking a leap of faith here knowing that Richburg has played in the NFL at a Joe Staley level. Seriously, he’s been that good before. There were a few votes for 49, and that’s why Richburg is here. To me, he has no business being here.

48. Elijah Lee, LB (High: 36, Low: 48, KP: 36)

Lee had quite a few votes at 48. See how much can change in a matter of weeks? I had him at No. 36 late July, and a few days ago I didn’t think Lee makes the team. Lee isn’t bad, but I can’t really describe what he does well enough—over the others—to put him on the field, or any higher on the list.

47. Ben Garland, OL(High: 47, Low: 67, KP: 55)

The. Back. Up. Center. Is. Higher. Sheesh, you guys. Garland is interesting, though. He’s assumed center duties with Richburg out and has gotten reps at guard as well. He’s been with Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta. Garland is a quality depth piece.

46. Jullian Taylor, DL(High: 46, Low: 69, KP: 47)

Taylor has been working inside during training camp, which is a change from last year. Robert Saleh mentioned how Taylor is one of the stronger players on the team and could be more effective inside.

45. Kentavus Street, DL(High: 38, Low: 48, KP: 40)

With Nick Bosa missing the preseason, I wonder if we’ll see Street play on the edge more now. He had been bouncing back and forth, playing inside and out. Street has the type of strength that would make most defensive linemen jealous. Now it’s about taking the next step and developing a pass-rushing arsenal.

44. Shon Coleman, T(High: 44, Low: 62, KP: 48)

Richburg left such a sour taste in our mouths last year that the backup tackle is ranked higher than him. That’s impressive.

43. Marcell Harris, S(High: 35, Low: 59, KP: 37)

Harris flashed in limited action towards the end of the 2018 regular season. Harris is the classic hard-hitting strong safety but needs to improve in coverage. He has been rotating in with the second-team defense for Jaquiski Tartt. Harris is a coin flip to make the team at this point. I know they don’t play the same position, but I believe Jimmie Ward’s health will play a vital part in this decision. Harris will have plenty of opportunities to earn a roster spot during the preseason.

42. Trent Taylor, WR(High: 29, Low: 50, KP: 43)

Yeah, I’m wrong, and the majority of us are. Taylor is far more important than the 42nd best player on this team. It says a lot about him that on third downs, or in the red zone, Jimmy Garoppolo’s eyes immediately go to Taylor. When Richard Sherman said Taylor might catch 80 or 90 passes, it may have seemed like hyperbole, but there’s a good shot he eclipses that number.

41. Garrett Celek, TE(High: 23, Low: 68, KP: 38)

A discussion among the beat writers during Wednesday’s practice was, “what does Celek do better than Ross Dwelley?” Nobody had an answer.

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