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49ers vs. LA Chargers

My impressions while on the sidelines photographing the action of the 49ers final preseason game.

I was on hand at Thursday night’s 49ers preseason game: 49ers vs. Chargers

My photo gallery begins with the touchdown run by Jeff Wilson Jr. and followed up by the touchdown run of the Chargers QB Cardale Jones who went into the endzone via flip.

The flip looked risky, but he wasn’t injured. If you look at both plays from both teams, these players are making something out of nothing in their desperation to make an NFL roster. C.J. Beathard some good blocks on for that Jeff Wilson Jr touchdown that were incredible. In fact, Wilson wouldn’t have made the touchdown had Beathard not blocked.

And then there’s Mitch Wishnowsky. Punterville was represented well, right up until his own teammate collides with his foot. Very close call for the rookie and also a relief everyone’s hero doesn’t get IRed in a preseason game. Hope you enjoy the photo gallery.

Next week, it gets real. Next week, the real games start. Tampa Bay folks.

Welcome to the 2019 season.