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Jimmy Garoppolo: Second quickest release in Week 1

Nice little stat.

There’s a lot of good and bad to take from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garopppolo in Week 1. I think we all know the bad (that stupid pick-six) but, there was some good, like the dime to Richie James along with sliding/stepping out of bounds.

Add this to the list:

Ok, so Jimmy G didn’t have the quickest release in the league for Week 1, but second quickest? I’ll take it. He also has something to work on.

This was a strength of Garoppolo coming out of college. Mike Mayock said Garoppolo had the quickest release of that year’s (2014) quarterbacks. It also helped the 49ers offensive line who fell apart when C.J. Beathard got behind center but improved in numbers when Garoppolo took over in 2017.

Among the criticisms being levied on Garoppolo’s performance Sunday, and don’t worry, there’s plenty, and his release isn’t one of them. Neither is his 66 percent completion rate (yes a lot of those completions were easy screens, but still a decent number.) And in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, that’s one of the more crucial traits to being effective.

On an unrelated note, it seems like there are some starting to pick up on the “Nick Mullens is a better option than Garoppolo” narrative. Once again, it’s Week 1. If you’re calling for Mullens after Week 1 or suggesting a quarterback controversy, make sure it isn’t because of boredom.

Now, no more pick-sixes.