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49ers offensive line allowed the least amount of pressures per dropback in Week 1

Remember when the offensive line was bad?

Does everyone remember when the San Francisco 49ers offensive line was well...offensive? Well, no more:

Dost, my eyes deceive me? That looks like the 49ers are number 1 at something. This really shouldn’t be surprising. During the preseason the 49ers offensive line was getting accolades for its lack of pressures allowed, sacks, and other fun offensive lines, pass protection stats.

The other thing to add was the 49ers have this number against a Todd Bowles defense. If anyone watched the game on Thursday night, it’s not hard to realize that Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense got a shot in the arm with Bowles calling the shots on that side of the ball. Given the way the Buccaneers played against the Carolina Panthers, it’s safe to say that the defense is going to be helping them in a big way.

The offensive line still has some work to do, there were still some pass protections that looked a bit questionable, but being number 1 in something is being number 1 in something.

It’s also good for Jimmy Garoppolo because. Oh, I don’t know, he won’t be running for his life?

Now if only Jimmy Garoppolo can get that accuracy thing down.