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Kyle Shanahan talks about the 49ers health, and when some players will return

The Niners head coach expects to get some key members on offense back after the bye week

San Francisco 49ers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Kyle Shanahan spoke about some of the 49ers’ recent injuries Friday after practice. It was a quick media session. Check it out:

Opening comments:

“[RB] Tevin Coleman’s out, [WR Jalen] Hurd is out, [WR Trent] Taylor’s out and [DL Nick] Bosa and [DB] Jimmie Ward are questionable.”

CB Jason Verrett?

“No, he’s healthy, he’s good.”

What were you able to see from Bosa on the practice field just today?

“We went all walk-through today. So, I’ll watch individuals full-speed but I didn’t see that live, I’ll watch it on tape when we get back to the hotel and seven-on-seven was the only live period. He looked good walking through everything. So, we’ll talk to him, see how he looked in the individual and make a decision probably Sunday morning.”

Did the fact that you guys practiced on turf this week have any influence on how much he practiced, what day he practiced, that sort of thing?

“No. You could ask him, but I think we’re always a little more careful when you are on turf, doing it three days in a row especially with ankle stuff. We are more careful with that, but I think it would have been that same way regardless.”

The game is also on artificial turf. Will that factor into his snap count and how much he plays?

“No, that won’t affect it on game day.”

Did Jimmie Ward progress as the week went on, just in terms of what he was able to do?

“Yeah, but he’s still very limited today. That will be a game-time decision, that’s why he’s questionable.”

How’s the pain as far you know?

“You can ask him. I haven’t asked him yet today, but I’m sure he’s in a little.”

Do you expect to promote RB Jeff Wilson Jr. tomorrow?

“I’m not sure.”

In terms of if Verrett’s up, he would be able to play special teams as well? He’d have to play special team too, most likely?

“I hope so. Everyone we’d get up, we’d like to be getting in somehow. That’d be a factor definitely.”

You said you worked more being locked down at the hotel. Does the team seem like its more recharged staying here?

“I think we’ll see here over the next 48 hours. I think I was saying this the other day, I at least talked to the team about it, I think we were real exhausted yesterday morning and now to me is where you reap these benefits. We’ve been on the East Coast long enough. We should be totally used to our body clocks with the time and now these next two days just sleeping as much as possible, drinking as much water because we know how humid it’s going to be Sunday and I feel when it comes Sunday, we’ll be able to be a lot more energized than we would have been if we went back home and flew out today.”

Have you started reaping the benefits specifically?

I have not, but Friday is when I start. Friday’s my weekend. So, once I’m done with you guys and we get there, I will be in the hotel room for a while relaxing.”

Do you think yesterday was sort of the low point and then you start rebuilding it back up the next day?

“That’s how I felt yesterday. That’s how most people felt and that’s what people explained to me based off of science and it does make sense so we’ll see.”

Head of player health and performance Ben Peterson had the heat tents going into the Tampa game. Were there any Ben Peterson wisdom mathematical stuff this week?

“Did he tell you to use his name? [Laughter] I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. I haven’t seen any saunas around out there.”

Anything different this week aside from the fact you’re staying in Ohio? Did you do anything body clock-wise that’s different?

“No, body clock has been the same, that’s why he stayed out here. We haven’t done as much with the heat stuff and everything because it has been humid out here so we’ve kind of got that in practice which has been nice. But no, I think we’re getting used to it.”

Is the plan for Taylor and Hurd to get them back after the Bye?

“That’s the plan. I hope so. I hope there’s a chance next week, but that’s really the goal.”

Is Coleman on that list too?

“Yes, I kind of see all three of them in the same boat.”