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Joe Staley heading to the medical tent


The San Francisco 49ers are kicking the everloving [site-decorum] out of the Bengals, but it isn’t going to be without some losses. Joe Staley has gone down and is being tended to by trainers in the medical tent.

It’s not good. After the play, George Kittle was seen waving for the trainers to come to the field. Staley looked like he was having a hard time getting up and was limping off the field.

Hopefully this is a stinger. The good news is they didn’t have to cart him off which offers some sort of hopefulness.

Kyle Shanahan will probably have more on this in his postgame press conference. Until then, I don’t see how the Bengals come back from this. It’s the 4th quarter and the 49ers are up 24 points ans about to score again.

Whoops, make that 31 points because Jeff Wilson just barreled in as I’m writing this.