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Sunday Night Football kicks off with Eagles-Falcons

Not sure if anyone has the energy, but there is one more game.

Well, I’m out of energy. Not sure about you guys. The afternoon games were complete bore-fests. The Los Angeles Rams were gifted a Drew Brees injury to beat the New Orleans Saints, the Oakland Raiders couldn’t do anything against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the less said about Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears, the better.

I’m pretty much out of energy, as I said. That 49ers game was probably unspectacular for anyone who wasn’t a 49ers fan. If you were, you loved every second of the Niners blowing out a team on the road. Even if the Bengals are a bad team (not sure), it’s quite impressive what they managed to do. And not just that, but how they did it. Jimmy Garoppolo looked like Joe Montana. It’s not just me saying that others are as well.

Hopefully tonight’s game is a bit better than the afternoon slop. Tonight it’s the Philadelphia Eagles against the Atlanta Falcons. Please be entertaining, please?