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Scarlet Jimmies Ep. 3: 2-0

Recapping what we liked from the 49ers in today’s victory, and where the team goes with Joe Staley’s injury

San Francisco 49ers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Back to recap the 49ers 41-17 victory. In this episode, Rich Madrid joins me, and we have five takeaways from the game. We start by talking about how the play-action passing game was so effective on Sunday afternoon. From there, we go into some defensive players that stood out. Kwon Alexander made an impact, so we showed him plenty of love for his energy and trash-talking.

We go back to the offense, where we gush about the game Kyle Shanahan called, and how efficient the offense looked today. When you look at their numbers, it was a video game. 572 yards? Seriously? The offense was much-improved on third down and in the red zone as well. We touch on Jimmy Garoppolo’s game, and wonder if he played like he did Week 2 will the 49ers make the playoffs?

Finally, the elephant in the room. How will the 49ers deal with the loss of Joe Staley, who will replace him, and what will the offense look like now.