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Golden Nuggets: Watch the highlights from 49ers-Bengals

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, September 16 2019

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The San Francisco 49ers didn’t just play a football game yesterday, they dominated a football game yesterday. Like last week, we love watching highlights and if you didn’t get a chance to watch, well, I’m here to help.

The NFL has gotten good at posting comprehensive recaps of just about everything you’d want from the game on YouTube. I pulled it off and brought it here so you guys can watch the game. Jimmy G dominance, Raheem Mostert skates, and everything else.

Just keep in mind, the NFL also is a bit behind the times. They have these guys I call the DMCA biscuits because they actively flag anything football-related and keep it from being shown on certain sites. This site in particular. If you find yourself unable to watch the video here, it means the biscuits are at it again. Go here to watch the video then come here to talk about it.

Like always, if there’s a win, check here Mondays.

Onto some links:

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The 49ers’ offense grabbed the spotlight Sunday, but the defense definitely did its job in a road rout of the Bengals. (Chan)

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Jimmy Garoppolo playing like the player 49ers thought he was (Williams)

49ers might face Steelers’ backup QB with Big Ben ailing (Witt)