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49ers fantasy football pick-ups, drops for Week 3

Have a bad weekend in fantasy? Let’s look at some San Francisco 49ers players who may help your team.

Ok, I will first eat some crow. Here’s a public service announcement:

Um. Oops. If you started him, that is one of the riskiest starts I’ve ever seen, but it paid dividends. If you haven’t gotten him yet, is he worth an add? Well we’ll get to it.

Percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.


49ers D/ST

% Owned: 18
Week 2 stats: 1 interception, 4 sacks, 351.2 yards allowed, 17 points allowed

I’m going to use my same schick I used last week: The 49ers schedule is about to get mighty brutal, unless if more starting quarterbacks go down. They played really well on Sunday and that might be why our eyes are getting big. The Steelers are coming to down with what has been a sub-par running game and some bad passing as well. They also have a backup quarterback making their first start.

Don’t waste your first waiver claim on this, but this is a boom or bust pick once again. If you have faith in them destroying the Pittsburgh Steelers, go get them. Just remember at one point the Steelers had one of the best offensive lines in the league.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Pick them up, for one week.

Raheem Mostert

% Owned: 16
Week 2 stats: 13 carries for 83 yards, 3 receptions 68 yards, 1 touchdown

Well, this one is on me. I said don’t shoulder him because it’s too risky. I was very, very wrong on this. Mostert won games if you were lucky wise enough to plug him in. Against the Steelers Sunday, the Seahawks did what they always did: ran the ball a lot. It didn’t get much success (Rashaad Penny is the leading rusher with 62 yards), but the 49ers run game is much more dynamic than the Seahawks run game if you put the two side by side.

The game is at home and Mostert has made a fool out of me. Give him a shot, but don’t use your first waiver claim on him. Once Coleman is back any hope you have will be dashed.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Pick him up

Deebo Samuel

% Owned: 14
Week 1 Stats: 5 receptions, 81 yards, 1 touchdown

Dante who? There’s no question he’s in the doghouse for something. Pettis was the guy everyone was drafting in leagues according to ADP and he’s been a better quarterback than a wide receiver at this point.

Samuel is NOT a first waiver claim. However, the time is now to grab him and stash him on the bench for dynasty leagues and developmental purposes. The 49ers seem obsessed with getting him targets and he looks mighty impressive. This is a move for the future, not a move for Sunday. Get him before the mob does if you have a bench spot to burn.

Pick up or don’t pick up: Pick him up

Fool’s gold

Dante Pettis

% Owned: 37
Week 1 Stats: None for a wide receiver

Pettis was pegged as a late-round sleeper for 2019 and he’s done squat for two weeks. This is a situation to monitor, but unlike Tevin Coleman, I’d hope you didn’t spend a premium to bring him to your team. Pettis is not worth starting or shouldering in fantasy leagues any longer. Samuel has time to develop if need be, but the 49ers spread the ball around so much that Pettis won’t be on the field near enough for you to see a return.

The time is now.

Drop or don’t drop: Drop him