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Six winners and two losers from the 49ers win over the Bengals

There was a lot of good Sunday

San Francisco 49ers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Earlier this morning, Rob gave us his stock report on the San Francisco 49ers after the Week 2 win over the Bengals. Now we’ll take a look at some winners and losers after the Niners won 41-17.


Deebo Samuel

In his second career game, Samuel led the 49ers in targets, yards, and also scored a touchdown. That should tell you how highly Kyle Shanahan thinks of Deebo, who finished the Bengals game catching five of his six targets for 87 yards. Three of those receptions were for first downs, and Samuel also had two carries. His involvement with motion and touches included making Samuel an easy winner.

Matt Breida

No Tevin Coleman, no problem. Breida is a walking highlight waiting to happen when the ball is in his hands. Breida had 12 carries Sunday, and five of them went for more than ten yards. He’s a talent. The 49ers didn’t use him in any of their trick plays, either. They handed Breida the ball, and he avoided Bengal after Bengal. He is the best back on the Niners.


K’Waun Williams

Williams allowed five receptions on seven targets, and John Ross dropped one of those that would have been a first down. Williams also gave up a touchdown near the goal line. I put that long 47-yard gain on Williams as well, as he failed to carry Tyler Boyd on a wheel route. If you count that, Williams gave up six catches for 89 yards.

Dante Pettis

We talked about him yesterday so I won’t do this again. Zero targets in a game where you’re scheming for receivers and not George Kittle? Something is up.


Ahkello Witherspoon

Witherspoon was targeted five times and didn’t allow a reception. PFF put that 47-yard catch on him, but I don’t agree with that. Even if you want to fault Witherspoon there, six targets and you give up one catch. Witherspoon broke up a pass as well. He continues to be in position consistently and play aggressive. Witherspoon’s confidence is evident. He’s showing up in the run game as well. Witherspoon had two run stops on Sunday.

Kwon Alexander

Alexander was probably the best player on the field Sunday. He finished with four tackles, three of them stops, and only allowed 19 yards on six targets. He ran the route for the intended target on his interception and broke up two additional passes. In today’s NFL, you need athletes at the second level that can be rangy going sideline-to-sideline, as well as being able to turn and run. He was great.

George Kittle

I thought that Travis Kelce was the best tight end in the NFL. I was wrong. Kittle didn’t light up the box score, as he finished with three catches for 54 yards. Two of them went for first downs, and on one of those, he stiff-armed two players. What you can’t put down in the box score is some of the blocks Kittle made to spring some of the long runs the 49ers had. There are blocks of Kittle literally throwing guys to the ground. He’s special.

Raheem Mostert

One of the big questions was how the 49ers were going to replace Tevin Coleman’s production through the air. Well, Mostert answered that. Mostert caught three passes for 68 yards and a touchdown. All three of those went for first downs. He didn’t line up at receiver, but he showed off his speed in the open field. The 49ers didn’t have any drop off at the running back position, and Mostert was a big part of that. Mostert averaged 6.4 yards per carry as well. He avoided a few tackles, and three of his runs went for first downs. Of Mostert’s 83 yards, 60 of them came after contact. Mostert is legit.