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Colin Kaepernick’s agent reaches out to NFL teams, teams don’t return phone calls

Because they consider all the quarterbacks

It was a rough week for quarterbacks in the NFL. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is out with a hand injury, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is out with an elbow injury, the New York Jets lost both Sam Darnold and Trevor Siemian, The New York Giants are benching Eli Manning, and the Denver Broncos are stuck with Joe Flacco.

If there ever was a time, ever a moment a drought of quarterbacks faced the league, this is the it. This is the equivalent to an oil crisis and it can hurt teams. They need a quality quarterback; the best they can find to have a chance. Could they finally have to turn to Colin Kaepernick?

Probably not. Reports have come out Monday that Kaepernick’s agent had reached out to teams in need of quarterback help. According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, some of those phone calls went unanswered.

The others? Well, wait and see if you like. There is this tweet that might get you a bit hopeful:

Whether we can hope this leads to a contract or not is up to you. Given the history, it’s hard to get excited.

If there ever was a time to bring in Kaepernick, it would be 2019. For context, the Philadelphia Eagles had to convince Josh McCown to come out of retirement. That’s how scarce quarterbacks are. There are openings all over the league. If a team were to pick him up, like his lawyer said they would, now is the time.

If it doesn’t happen this year, it’s never going to.