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Denver Broncos pick up their backup quarterback via waiver wire

So much for that idea

In all of the waiver madness Sunday, one thing that stuck out in the NFL was the Broncos landing their backup quarterback. Adam Schefter broke the news that the Broncos claimed former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Brandon Allen off waivers. From the looks of it Denver has their backup quarterback.

I bring this up because there was speculation on if the 49ers found any trading partners for one of C.J. Beathard or Nick Mullens, Denver would be it. With Drew Lock off to IR and Kevin Hogan cut, the Broncos were without a quarterback to back up Joe Flacco. Enter Allen.

Allen spent some time with the Rams and learning Sean McVay’s offense, which makes him familiar for the type of offense Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello wants to run. He’s never seen gameday action in his professional career, but getting him off waivers was probably cheaper than the alternative.

John Lynch said in his conference call that the 49ers had a price in mind for either of their backups and that they were staying firm on what they were asking for when it came to the position. What that price is has yet to be revealed, but I imagine with joint practices it had to come up at some point in a conversation. How serious either party would have been might be up for debate, but it seems Denver was not interested in dealing anything for either QB. Lynch did say there were some conversations, but he never identified who the interested team(s) were/was.

The 49ers are going to roll with three quarterbacks into 2019. Things could change this week and into the season if injuries happen, but the 49ers feel their quarterbacks are worth something on the market. If they don’t trade them, they want them there in case of disaster.

Knock on wood.