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Joe Staley is still calling Justin Smith the strongest defensive lineman he’s ever faced

Good ‘ole Cowboy

A question hit Twitter the other day via WIllie Anderson, a pro bowl tackle who played for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. A question to offensive lineman. A question asking who the strongest defensive lineman they’ve ever faced was.

San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley had this:

During San Francisco 49ers training camp, it was documented that rookie defensive end Nick Bosa was giving Staley all sorts of issues. Oh and this started on Day 1 of training camp. Staley has seen quite a bit in his NFL tenure and he’s also considered one of the best offensive tackles in the league so I’d like to think his opinion carries some weight.

Justin Smith was better known as Cowboy and was an absolute beast on the field when he played for the 49ers. There is still an argument that Aldon Smith’s success as a pass rusher was thanks to Justin Smith’s ability to take double and triple teams off and allow Smith better access to quarterbacks.

And if Smith couldn’t get a clear shot to the quarterback? No problem, he’d just bullrush an offensive lineman into them and take them down.

It’s a slow Friday (bye week), but among some of the veteran left tackles, Joe Staley has been against a few generations of “The Best”. Coming from him is high praise. This isn’t the “Best” linemen but the strongest. I believe it, this is the same guy who after getting injured on Sunday Night Football, Chris Collinsworth said would just use duct tape.

I miss Cowboy.