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So what happens to Jeff Wilson Jr?

The 49ers will get Tevin Coleman back for next week which gives them an embarrassment of riches at running back.

Jeff Wilson Jr. had a great preseason and the question was what would the 49ers do? They cut him and stashed him on the practice squad with little issue. He cleared waivers after all. Now after his brief call-up, the 49ers get Tevin Coleman, the running back Wilson was “filling in” for back. So the 49ers can just send Wilson to the practice squad right?

Not quite.

In his limited sample size, Wilson showed he’s quite efficient at one thing the 49ers have sometimes struggled at: goalline carries. Just go watch him barrell in against the Pittsburgh Steelers if you don’t believe me. The worst part of that film is that Wilson has shown more good things and running back injuries are afflicting the entire National Football League.

If Wilson is cut to return to the practice squad, he’d have to clear waivers again. Does he do that? Doubtful after what he’s shown. With the aforementioned injuries, a team would most likely see the film and pick him up for their own 53. I doubt Wilson would be getting playing time with Coleman in the mix, but losing Wilson to another team would be a blow because as we’ve all seen, the 49ers need a stable of running backs with the injuries they go through.

In his recent mailbag Matt Maiocco echoed my sentiments, saying Wilson wasn’t going to be sent back to the waiver wire.

My guess is the 49ers will keep the 53-man roster as it is, with Wilson retaining his spot. If the 49ers waive Wilson, I’d fully expect another team to claim him. But as long as Coleman, Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert are healthy, there’s probably not a spot for Wilson among the team’s active 46 players on game days.Coleman likely would resume his role as the starter and short-yardage back.

The 49ers will have some difficult decisions to make later this season. Both Kentavius Street and Trent Taylor are on the IR-Return Designation. When that happens, maybe Wilson will be a casualty, but for Week 4, I’d see Wilson as a healthy scratch at-worst.

The first time Wilson was sent to the practice squad it was a strategic decision—and a good one. Cutting him again may not be such a wise decision this time around and the 49ers may not be as fortunate to be able to hold onto him.


What happens to Jeff Wilson Jr. for Week 4

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