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Golden Nuggets: Who wants to do a Niners Nation meet and greet?

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, September 29th 2019

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One of the things that is great about Niners Nation is our community is stretched all over the world. We don’t just have members in the Bay Area, but people on the east coast, Germany, Australia, you name it.

And we’ve never met in person have we?

Well, Kyle and I want to change that. We are right now in the very, very, very, VERY early stages (did I say very early) of looking into a Niners Nation meet and greet. We’re not sure what this would entail (tailgating? El Pato pizza burgers?) but right now we both were in agreement we want it to happen. Maybe we don’t do a 49ers game and pick random cities in a yearly tradition. Hopefully down the line we can do some benefits to charities as well, but that’s a long ways off. I want to stress there is no guarantee that we will go through with it, but we are certainly exploring our options.

This obviously won’t happen in 2019. You’re asking for a huge community to converge on Levi’s Stadium in a matter of weeks? No. We are however, looking at 2020. Again, what this entails is still up for discussion and we may make a meet and greet committee just to help us plan and get things set up, find tailgating spots, get equipment (if tailgating is a possibility we’ll need grills, food, etc), find a deal on tickets (if one such deal exists) etc. As far as the staff being there, I know Kyle and I would definitely be present (for obvious reasons) but we won’t make guarantees on the “card” of who would be there. So if you’re disappointed El Pato is cooking burgers, sorry.

So why are we doing this now? Well, the first thing we need to do is see if this is something all of ya would want to do. No one is obligated to go, and you are going to be on your own finding airfare, lodging etc. I’d give you a price, but I’m in Seattle and getting to Santa Clara from here is much cheaper than from, say, Boston.

Again, we don’t know what this would entail besides the community getting to meet everyone (and the staff) in person and going to a game. We don’t even know if we could sit everyone together (probably not). As Kyle and I brainstormed tonight on what would be necessary we knew we would need need a designated “off limits” area so we can actually do our jobs during the tailgate also (which would probably be on the bed of a pickup). There’s a lot of moving parts in this and we’re trying to get it all together.

But it starts with you. This isn’t scientific, but we’d like to know if this is something you would not only want to do, but know you could pull off getting out there on a designated weekend. Answer the poll below if you think it’s a realistic chance you could show up.

Also in the comments, drop some suggestions at the time of year you think we should have the meet and greet. Maybe we don’t do it during the season? Remember, later in the season is risky in case the 49ers are out of contention and injured. Early in the season means we won’t get as interesting of games.

While you think on that, we have links below the poll:


Would you travel to a Niners Nation meet and greet?

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  • 26%
    (63 votes)
234 votes total Vote Now

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