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The 49ers now have a shooting stars meme

The circle is complete.

It’s Week 4 in the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers are on bye. That means we have to find something else to do. Well, that’s if you’re not watching the great games on TV right now.

Don’t worry, I got you covered. I think this was also was on a post in the site this week, but if it wasn’t it’s a darn shame we didn’t get this up sooner

If you had been following Twitter this week you may have came across our own Alex Tran’s video making abilities once more. This time he decided to give into peer pressure and make a Shooting Stars meme. My favorite has been Dragon Ball’s Vegeta doing the bingo dance. But that’s “has been,” because we have a new champion:

I made a point in the comments that Kyle Juszczyk has starred in Final Fantasy VI as Sabin and took down a train because of this hit, but even video game work cannot match his on-field abilities. He just flattened dudes on this play.

And now back to your regularly scheduled day of games.