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Does anyone in the world still want Kirk Cousins on the 49ers?

He did not have a good game Sunday.

Does everyone remember all those rumblings that the 49ers would be better off “trading” (impossible by the way) for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and letting Jimmy Garoppolo go? Well, it’s still a long season, but I think we can put that idea into the ground and throw dirt on it.

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Chicago Bears, and it was ugly. The only good thing about Cousins’ day was his 27 passes completed on 36 attempts (75 percent completion percentage). That’s about it. He was sacked six times and fumbled once (though I’ve seen a box score suggesting there were two fumbles). Then again, the entire Vikings offense was putrid. They only had two possessions the entire first half. When Cousins did have the ball, he looked less like Kirk Cousins and more like C.J. Beathard, waiting in the pocket and then getting smothered.

The loss now has Cousins 6-27 against teams with a winning record. Most of those passing numbers mentioned from the statline came from the fourth quarter, and as I said, the game was much worse if you watched it.

While Cousins has gotten worse, Jimmy Garoppolo has gotten better. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all seen massive improvement from game to game. When you factor in that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense is no joke (well until the Los Angeles Rams got desperate), and Garoppolo went up against one of the better and blitz-happy lines in the league in the Pittsburgh Steelers, that makes him all the more impressive.

Truthfully, I don’t know how the 49ers would have done in that game yesterday. Khalil Mack is a different beast altogether, and while the Bears lost Vic Fangio, they still have an incredible defense.

But still, there’s something off with Cousins, and a lot of it is adding up. And no, this isn’t some narrative I’m trying to prove, I’m on record saying a lot of the 2018 struggles of the Vikings was less on Cousins and more on collapses as a whole, but the excuses have to stop, Cousins is having some issues.

Or is he? Is there anyone on this planet that thinks the 49ers would still want Cousins after what we’ve seen so far? It’s a long season, but I can’t see a scenario that plays out where the 49ers have a shot at him, they’d actually pull the trigger and get him.

Dat Jimmy G, man.


Do you think Cousins is an upgrade at quarterback over Jimmy Garoppolo?

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  • 5%
    Yes — He always has been
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  • 84%
    No — and I never thought he was
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  • 10%
    No — and my mind is changed after the last few weeks
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