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The new Niners Nation T-shirts have arrived just in time to kick off the new season!

Check out our brand new merch!

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Last week, we debuted our Niners Nation store. Today we are back with our Niners Nation tees. If you’ve been around the site for a while, this is a perfect opportunity to snag some gear. For those of you that are new, this is an even better opportunity to buy a shirt.

We don’t have anyone to model the shirts just yet, but here they are. We have one in white, and one in gray. It’s an excellent way to get our brand out there. I’m going to wear this in the press box on Monday Night Football against the Browns next month. I’m serious.

Wear them around the house. Wear ‘em at the gym. You never know, somebody might ask you about it, and the next thing you know you’ll be arguing in the comments with Joe from the sales team because he won’t let go of the fact Damontre Moore was released.

Looking for more Niners apparel? Visit our new Niners Nation 49ers FanShop for jerseys, hats, and more!