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Can Garoppolo mesh with Shanahan’s offensive system?

And lead the 49ers to the playoffs?

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Alex Rollins sent us the video below breaking down the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Here he is.

For the 49ers the main question is: can Jimmy Garoppolo mesh with Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system and lead the team to the playoffs? This video details the three pillars that define Shanahan’s system and how Garoppolo is utilized within the offense. The three pillars are personnel mismatching which forces the defense’s hand, maximizing yards after the catch, and short, accurate throws to keep the offense on schedule. In 2017, Garoppolo clicked with Shanahan’s scheme and was incredible, which earned him a $137.5 million contract. But, in 2018, he sputtered to a 1-2 start and tore his ACL to end his season early (duh). A deep dive into those three games shows where he and Shanahan failed and reveals what we can focus on to predict how successful the team will be in 2019.

Your questions, comments, etc. are welcome @AlexRollinsNFL on Twitter.