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49ers prepare for a hot and humid afternoon in Tampa Bay

Sherman, Bosa, Lynch, have all commented on the temperatures

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

After the news broke about Jimmie ward, Nick Bosa and Richard Sherman spoke to the media on Thursday. Sherman was asked about the tent that the San Francisco 49ers have near their practice field to replicate the heat that’s in Tampa Bay. Sherman said, if it’s that hot there, they have the devil somewhere. It’s ridiculously hot in there.” Sherman is full of great quotes.

Everyone is being made aware of the heat on the Niners. General manager John Lynch said:

“God knows it’s hot. I know it’s hot. I used to say a prayer every day in training camp. ‘Just get me through today, and I’ll be good.’ That’s just a fact. It’s going to be (hot) so how do you deal with it? Mental toughness, physical toughness. We’ve prepared these guys for it.”

This is the steam tent Sherman was referring to:

Sherman added, “The sign says it should help us recover quickly. Hopefully, it works. Otherwise, we spent time in a sauna that we didn’t need to spend time in.” Lynch said that you have to “learn to love to be miserable,” when talking about the heat in Tampa Bay.

Bosa’s kicks

Lost in the Ward news was that Nick Bosa would suit up Sunday. He spoke to the media on Thursday as well:

“Everything is going really well. Practice has felt good the past couple of days. Today is probably one of the bigger tests, though; putting on pads. I’m still just going day by day. I mean, I’m preparing like I’m playing, of course, but just got to be smart with it.”

Bosa said that he was a “little sore” after practice, but happy with how he felt overall. The real story is his shoes.

Bosa, a south Florida native, had some advice to teammates: “Don’t pour water on yourself because if you do, you’re going to have soggy shoes.” The forecast for Sunday in Tampa Bay has a high of 93 degrees.