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Per Kwon Alexander, 49ers’ linebacking unit is now known as “Hot Boyzz”

Whatever you say, sir.

Over the last few months, I’ve been reading your various names and suggestions for various units with the San Francisco 49ers. The defensive line has had several iterations, though my personal favorite is Goldman Sacks.

Well we have the linebacking unit figured out, per 49ers linebacker Kwon Alexander.

That’s Hot Boyzz. Rolls right off your tongue.

So when you think of Alexander, Fred Warner, and Dre Greenlaw, you say, “Hot Boyzz gonna destroy ball carriers” or some other crazy statement.

Look I’m first to admit here, if I heard any one of you say Hot Boyzz was going to be the name of the 49ers linebacking unit I’d keep right on looking for a name. In fact, I might just flag you for it. No, I might even ban you for that. I’m not kidding. A 49ers player has told us we are going to call this unit Hot Boyzz and my guess is the two letter Z’s keeps it from being the name of a crappy 90s boy-band or something.

Well, it’s Kwon Alexander and it’s not my battle. I fight the fights that I need to fight. Not this one. Ladies and gentlemen, you will refer to to the San Francisco 49ers linebacking unit as...


....*Pat looks at the name and purses his lips with a nod*



....*Pat sucks air in through clamped teeth*

...Hot Boyzz.

And don’t forget the Z’s.


Will you be calling the 49ers’ linebacking unit "Hot Boyzz"?

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