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49ers start 1-0, today is a good day

Can they go to 2-0?

There’s an awful lot of work ahead for the San Francisco 49ers, but you can’t help but be impressed with what you saw. Obviously we’re going to be breaking things down the next few days. The main thing to take away from all of this is: The 49ers have improved. Well, if one game has to say anything about it. The offense stuttered and had it’s issues, but the defense stepped up in a big way.

Jimmy Garoppolo had an awful, awful pick, but his final numbers were not awful; 18 completions, 27 attempts, a 66 percent completion rate and 166 yards. It’s just that pick six. Even Garoppolo said it was a dumb throw. 15 games to improve.

With all the transition here at Niners Nation, you might think we have a different video. Nah, you gotta stick to what works. I don’t know where this season is going, but it’s nice to know we’re 1-0 for a week. There’s a good chance we can go 2-0