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Watch the highlights from 49ers-Buccaneers

The 49ers are 1-0, let’s watch highlights!

The San Francisco 49ers played a football game yesterday. While many of us had a chance to see the awesomeness that was going 1-0 on opening day, many of you were stuck at work or doing more productive things than sitting in your living room watching football.

Like always, I’m not here to hate; I’m here to help.

The NFL has gotten good at posting comprehensive recaps of just about everything you’d want from the game on YouTube. I pulled it off and brought it here so you guys can watch the game. Touchdowns called back and all.

So this should be a nice refresher if you don’t want to spend the extra cash on GamePass (and who can blame you?).

Just keep in mind, the NFL also is a bit behind the times. They have these guys I call the DMCA biscuits because they actively flag anything football-related and keep it from being shown on certain sites. This site in particular. If you find yourself unable to watch the video here, it means the biscuits are at it again. Go here to watch the video then come here to talk about it.

I’ll make a point to post these after a win because no one wants to watch the 49ers lose games.