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The 49ers need to go all-in on stopping Cook and put this game on Cousins shoulders

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Alex returns with a video on what makes Dalvin Cook so dangerous

The 11-6 Minnesota Vikings head to town to take on the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round. In 2018, The Vikings signed Kirk Cousins and centered their offensive identity around his ability to be a franchise quarterback. They threw the 4th most in the NFL (606 attempts) featured 11 personnel 68% of the time, fired their offensive coordinator midway through the season for not running the ball, and missed the playoffs with an 8-7-1 record. In 2019, they hired the zone run whiz kid Gary Kubiak, who transformed their offense to feature running back Dalvin Cook. The Vikings ran the ball the second-most in the league (tied with the 49ers 49%) and used 11 personnel only 22% of the time (lowest in the league). They moved away from a pass-heavy offense, and Dalvin Cook produced 1135 yards on 250 rush attempts, 13 touchdowns, and averaged the second-most yards from scrimmage (118.1 pg) in the NFL. The 49ers have struggled against the run this year; it should be their priority to clog up the Vikings run attack and put the game on Kirk Cousins’s shoulders.

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