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Ravens-Titans AFC divisional open thread

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It will be a lot easier to watch this game now that the 49ers win

Well, I held off writing this until I saw how the game went, but I can tell all of you, I’m a lot more open to football after the 49ers dominated the Vikings.

So now we got the Baltimore Ravens coming off their own bye and hosting the Tennessee Titans. This should be a fun game. A fun game that could fly by given how both teams like running the ball. I do have the Ravens winning this, but the Titans are no team to sleep on (as is any playoff team).

This will be our open thread through the evening. I’m sure we’re going to have some content rolling in as the time goes on. Such a huge victory today and it’s going to take some time to come down from it.

Location: M & T Bank Stadium, Baltimore MD
Game time: Saturday, January 11, 05:00 P.M., PT
TV channel: NBC
Announcers: Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts