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Kyle Shanahan’s squad wins its first playoff game and advance to the NFC Championship you know what kinda day it is

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Of all the potential opponents the 49ers had, I saw the Vikings as the absolute hardest. I also saw them as deserving. I made a tweet before the act to say Vikings fans are some of the nicest I’ve met and if the 49ers were to drop a game, the Vikings are the ones to do it to. It’s a lot better before than after. Well, that didn’t happen. That was maybe the best defense the 49ers will play in the postseason and they ran the ball down their throats. Yes, there were times it wasn’t pretty, but the narrative that the 49ers can’t win in the postseason is gone before it could ever go.

The 49ers now play in the NFC Championship. The last time they hosted was when Kyle Williams fumbled the ball twice. Before the game, many felt the Niners just were not there yet. This year, I don’t know who beats the 49ers in San Francisco. Then again, I don’t know who left can beat the 49ers. They are the most complete team in the NFL. One of the more likable ones too.

First, like usual, let’s check in with Fooch:

And today was a good day. We’ll know who the 49ers get in the NFC Championship after the results of Seahawks-Packers. Neither team is any gimmie. The Seahawks know the 49ers quite well despite being injured and the Packers got embarrassed the last time they were at Levi’s. There is no way 49ers-Packers in the NFC Championship ends with just 8 points for the Packers again. That said, the Packers are the worse 13-3 team I’ve ever seen.

The 49ers have two more games left on their schedule. This could be a team of destiny. We’ll have to see. NFC Championship is up next, and the 49ers get an extra day of rest. Here we go.